Why Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy?

It’s always a struggle buying gifts for that special someone.

Even when you know a person really well it can be difficult to work out what kind of gift they would actually use. Nobody really needs another ornament for dust collecting and most people can buy their own clothes. A gift voucher is a gesture, but a pretty lousy one. But what about something a little unique, a bit risqué and something that a lot of people simply don’t think to buy: a sex toy.

Now sex toys might not be everyone’s cup of tea and they certainly aren’t the best present to buy in a budding relationship. However, if you’re in a well-established and sexually involved pair then a sex toy might be just the gift to put a smile on your partner’s face.

What’s so good about buying a sex toy as a gift?

Buying a sex toy can say two things:

  1. Number one is that you care about your partner’s pleasure, which is always nice to know. A sex toy is a gift that can be used for a little solo relaxation, which is probably what most of us need from a gift anyway.
  2. Number two is that you wanted to buy a gift you could experience together. A sex toy can be a fun way to experiment in the bedroom and lets your partner know that your sex life matters to you. It’s more fun than a Goldclass movie voucher!

Buying a sex toy for your partner can lead to experimentation and a reinvigorating bedroom experience. They could be used to help fulfil some mutual fantasies or just to inspire creativity. Sex toys can even be good for your sexual health and who doesn’t want a partner that looks out for their needs?

Sex toys might make especially good gifts for women who have trouble achieving orgasm or for couples who have fallen into a bit of a rut. There are plenty of options in the way of clitoral stimulation to help promote a fully functioning orgasm. More exotic sex toys might be the way to go if you’re just trying to break the cycle. Fetish and BDSM items come to mind, although you probably want to test the waters and see if your partner is receptive to them first. Not many people enjoy a surprise ball gag.

Sex toys don’t just make good gifts for women. Men can enjoy sex toys as well, although some men might feel a bit awkward about visiting a sex shop and purchasing them. Some men might find that being gifted certain toys by their partner enables them to overcome the stigma about using them. For example: butt plugs.

Overall sex toys can make for a creative and exciting present for your partner. They are something that can be used alone or as a couple which makes them a great present in an intimate relationship. If the right toy is chosen then your partner will know that you put a lot of effort into finding something they will be able to use and enjoy, not just another dust collector.