Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys are a pretty fun solo adventure but really, what adventure in life isn’t improved by having your mate along for the ride?

Sex toys are no exception and sex toys that can be used as part of a couple have a pretty solid share of the market. If you are your partner are keen to try something new then here are some sex toys that can be enjoyed as part of a pair. In fact, some of them don’t really make much sense without a second party present!

  1. Anal Plugs and Anal Beads
    The nice thing about anuses is that both genders have one. In terms of sex toys this makes accessories for the anus particularly egalitarian. It’s nice to buy a sex toy that both of you can use, even if you are in a heterosexual relationship. Anal beads or anal plugs can be used during regular intercourse to increase the intensity of the climax of either gender.
  2. Strap Ons
    Pegging might be a less common practice than a sneaky anal plug and women in same sex relationships are probably already aware of the pleasure a strap on can provide. However, strap ons are worth mentioning as they are a toy that is exclusively for the use of couples and can provide a very unique sexual experience.
  3. BDSM Gear
    By BDSM gear I mean whips, handcuffs, blindfolds and the like. Obviously most of these toys are pretty useless without a playmate so they can be exciting to use when the right partner is located. Fetish gear is not for everyone but for some people fetish gear can promote powerful fantasies and increase intensity in the bedroom.
  4. Cock Rings
    A vibrating cock ring has benefits for both men and women in the bedroom. The ring will enable the male partner to maintain his erection over a greater period of time and the vibrations will stimulate both the male and female alike. Many designs can easily stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, increasing the likelihood of achieving orgasm.
  5. Vibrators
    Some designs such as the ‘We-Vibe 4’ or the ‘Lelo Tiani’ can be used during intercourse to help women achieve orgasm and provide more stimulation for her partner. They can be discreetly inserted into the vagina while still leaving room for the penis to enter. The vibrations stimulate her clitoris or g-spot while giving her partner a unique vibrating experience as well.

Sex toys can be a great couples experience and the truth is that there are so many kinds out there. From slightly risqué to fully blown fetishes there are sure to be adult sex toys out there to suit your needs. Sex toys can be great for a relationship because they keep things exciting while still promoting feelings of intimacy and trust. It takes an open mind and strong communication not to feel awkward about using sex toys as part of a couple so a little experimentation really could do wonders for your relationship.