Learn About Fetish Sex Toys

Fetish toys can range from mildly risqué to downright kinky.

There is a whole world of sexual exploration out there waiting for you to dive in or dip your toes. If you’re considering wading into the waters of fetish sex toys then you probably need a gentle guide. Here are some of the sex toys you might hear about and a few things to consider in your exploration.

Starting out small you’re pretty likely to hear about the basic stuff: handcuffs, whips, blindfolds and other kinds of restraints. These are actually pretty common in popular culture and there is little stigma attached to their use. After all, Rihanna had big commercial success with ‘S&M’ and barely anyone batted an eyelid. A lot of people find being somehow bound or restrained to be quite arousing and a little light whipping is really on par with a good spanking. It’s fairly ordinary stuff.

But as you swim out deeper into the BDSM pleasure ocean you might encounter some less common items. Nipple clamps, chastity belts, ball gags and sex machines are all higher end pieces of equipment that you might be curious about.

Nipple clamps are exactly what they sound like, metal clamps that pinch down on the wearer’s nipples creating a curious sensation of pleasure and pain simultaneously.

Chastity belts are often worn as part of a slave and master relationship and they prevent the wearer from being stimulated or reaching orgasm. Sex becomes impossible without the express permission of the master. Ball gags are often used in conjunction with other restraints to create a feeling of true helplessness that some people find arousing.

Sex machines are more expensive and complicated than the other more simple BDSM pieces. They are like big mechanical vibrators that are designed to penetrate automatically. Such devices are somewhat less common than more basic accessories in part due to their cost and size.

BDSM fetish sex gear is not the only kind of fetish gear out there. Specific fetishes such as foot fetishes also have a place in the market with silicone feet being made available for purchase. Butt plugs in the design of animal tails have been released for people interested in the furry lifestyle. A wide variety of themed merchandise for avid fans of pop culture is readily available online. Whatever your fetish is, there is somebody producing sex toys to help you live your fantasy.

The world of fetish sex toys can be a daunting place if you don’t know what to expect. Because fetishes can seem so outlandish to people that don’t share them, some fetish toys unfortunately carry some stigma. However most toys can be purchased online and discreetly mailed to your location, leaving your neighbours none the wiser. If fetish toys are something you would like to explore then take your time finding out what’s out there and keep an open mind – or prepare to be shocked. The human sex drive is a really fascinating thing and when allowed to flourish without judgement it can be incredibly satisfying.