Buy Fleshlight Male Sex Toys Online

The majority of sex toys online cater for women. Although some adult sex toys are available for men, many are unimaginative and of poor quality.

This all changed when Fleshlight NZ introduced their range of adult sex toys which cater exclusively for males.

Fleshlight was invented in 1998 by Steve Shubin. Although it has only quite recently appeared on the market, it has quickly become one of the bestselling sex toys. The name ‘Fleshlight’ comes from the toy’s uncanny resemblance to a flashlight! However, the similarities end there: Whereas, in a torch, there would be a light bulb, the Fleshlight is much more interesting, and instead it features a hole designed to resemble either a pussy, mouth or anus. Inside the opening the toy contains a flesh-like substance which imitates a woman’s body.

The Fleshlight is available in a number of different designs to suit your personal preference. You can choose a colour similar to the skin colour of women you are attracted to, or alternatively, you can choose a Fleshlight that it completely transparent.

One product in the Fleshlight range that has proved particularly popular with customers is the ‘Fleshlight Girls’. These toys replicate the mouths, pussies and anuses of a number of well-known porn stars including Teagan Presley, Akira Lotus and Jenna Haze. These custom moulded varieties simulate sex with the X-rated stars.

The Fleshlight is also available in a far subtler version called the ‘Flight’. The head of the toy is translucent making it appear, to the casual observer, more like a flashlight. A recent addition to the Fleshlight range is the ‘Freak’. This new range caters for a variety of sexual fantasies including Zombies, Vampires, Aliens and Cyborgs.

Fleshlight has won a number of awards. In 2010 it won the Outstanding Non-Powered Product Award from the Adult Video News Network. In 2011 the AVN network pronounced it the Best Overall Sex Toy Line of 2011, and in 2012 it’s Lisa Ann version won the XBiz Award for Adult Star Branded Pleasure Product of the Year.

The exact formula that the Fleshlight is made of remains a closely guarded secret. The company who produce Fleshlight, Interactive Life Forms call the material ‘Real Feel Superskin’. It is made from medical grade phthalate-free polymers but it is not plastic, latex or silicone.

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